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Data Fusion in Networks Group

FuseNetsGroup Our group is part of the Intelligent Sensor-Actuator-Systems (ISAS) Laboratory. We are interested in data fusion for networked multisensor systems including distributed and decentralized state estimation, Kalman filtering with event-based and asynchronous communication, and state estimation for large-scale systems.

In particular, we investigate:

Robust Kalman filtering
  • quantification of uncertainties
  • combination of stochastic and unknown but bounded noise models
Fusion under unknown dependencies
  • conservative bounds on unknown correlations
  • parameterization of dependencies in nonlinear estimation
Large-scale state estimation
  • estimation methods for spatially distributed systems
  • fusion of heterogeneous estimates
Estimation with communication constraints
  • event-based state estimation
  • filtering of quantized and asynchronous measurements

Group Leader

Benjamin Noack

Benjamin Noack
Group Leader


Daniel Frisch Daniel Frisch

Florian Pfaff Florian Pfaff

Susanne Radtke Susanne Radtke

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